NORISPAN is the exclusive representative of the Tranberg firm for Spain.

The incorporation of this Norwegian firm, together with our engineering, allows us to expand the range of NORISPAN products and systems, with which we have been working since 1982. Tranberg allows us to supply high quality products such as navigation lights, searchlights, lights and De-ice equipment.

About Tranberg:

Tranberg was founded in 1901 and is located in Stavanger, the “oil capital” on the west coast of Norway. Due to the oil industry, oil companies and shipowners located their base in this city. This has made it possible for Tranberg to develop its products in close collaboration with its customers. From the beginning Tranberg has designed, manufactured and supplied high quality electromechanical products for use on ships and offshore installations. A special feature of these teams is that they are capable of working in all weather conditions, from arctic cold to tropical heat. Tranberg’s flexible production and dedicated workers have made it possible to quickly adapt to changing and increasing demand for more competitive equipment suitable for use in the arctic environment.

Tranberg, like our other representatives, will accompany us in Navalia, where we will exhibit a wide range of samples, hoping to count on your visit.

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